Are you a Wanderlust with a Kenyan passport?

Are you a driver? If yes, how old are you? This previously irrelevant question could become a game changer as the Government introduces a new law to govern the transport sector. "

Traveling the world should be on everyone’s bucket list but as African’s we are sort of limited to do that. What with visa issues? :-( . I know most of us would love to visit Greece, Japan, Egypt, France among other countries on a whim but those visa restrictions can be something else. Most people choose to give up on their dream of seeing the world and instead opt for domestic tourism which is not a bad option per se but it has been said that traveling the world is more fulfilling. In fact I have read from a couple of articles that one of the regrets most people have on their death bed is wishing they had traveled the world.  You have not lived until you’ve visited at least 5 other countries in the world.

That being said, you will be glad to know that there are43 countries you can visit that don’t require Visas. All you need is a valid Kenyan passport, some cash and a wanderlust attitude. These are those countries…

1. Antigua & Barbuda
2. Bahamas
3. Botswana
4. British Virgin Islands
5. Burundi
6. Barbados
7. Cayman Islands
8. Comoros (Required but can be obtained on arrival)
9. Costa Rica (If you have a valid Permanent Resident Card or Visa to US, Canada, UK or any European country)
10. Dominica (Not to be Confused with Dominican Republic)
11. Dominican Republic (Buy a $10 Tourist Card and Same condition as Costa Rica above applies)
12. Ethiopia (365 Days allowed Visa Free)
13. Fiji (120 Days)
14. Grenada
15. Ghana
16. Haiti
17. Hong Kong
18. Jamaica
19. Lesotho
20. Macau (Apply on entry for 30 days and renew every 30 days after that)
21. Malaysia
22. Malawi
23. Micronesia (30 Days)
24. Montserrat (180 Days)
25. Namibia (Tourist Visa Not required, Business Visa required)
26. Nauru
27. Panama (Same conditions as Costa Rica above)
28. Philippines (21 Days)
29. Rwanda
30. Saint Helena
31. Saint Kitts & Nevis
32. Saint Vincent Grenadines
33. Samoa
34. Seychelles
35. Singapore
36. Swaziland
37. Tanzania
38. Trinidad & Tobago
39. Tuvalu
40. Uganda
41. Vanuatu
42. Zambia
43. Zimbabwe

source: Capital FM

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